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Welcome To templated-royale-template

The following file structure contained in this service templated-royale-template We provide the file structure in this template templated-royale-template so you can see what you will get when using this service

  1. css --> Folder Structure
    1. images --> Folder Structure
      1. mobileUI-site-nav-opener-bg.svg
      2. spacer.gif
    2. skel-noscript.css
    3. style-1000px.css
    4. style-desktop.css
    5. style-mobile.css
    6. style.css
  2. images --> Folder Structure
    1. index.html
    2. js --> Folder Structure
      1. html5shiv.js
      2. init.js
      3. jquery.min.js
      4. skel-panels.min.js
      5. skel.min.js
    3. onecolumn.html
    4. twocolumn1.html
    5. twocolumn2.html
    In The Service templated-royale-template Includes 0 Total Files HTML

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    Templated royale template

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